Arbeit Mach Frei



Now, I am gonna say this for the last time: The Yanks could tear off four wins in a row (including three straight in Philly) and take it all home and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

Yeah, I said it. And by God, what kind of man will I be if I back (bruk bu-kawkk) if I backk down now.



Johnny Damon has a base he'd like to steal and a used Pontiac he'd like to sell you, too! (see: snappy suit and smile, featured above)



But beyond the fervor, the following truths have emerged (and yes, I have been watching the games, smartass – Yankees Magee wouldn’t have had it any other way):

1. Johnny Damon is one baseball-smart, savvy, self-described “moron.”  

2. In conjunction with #1  – to those managers who employ what is known derisively to baseball fans as “the f***cking shift,” friends, those who live by the sword ought be prepared to perish by it as well.

3. The Phillies were ready to bounce back last night.  Now, they should have won the Pedro game, and you’d also like to think (if you’re a real Philly fan and this stuff matters to you more than it does to T*V who enjoys watching the Series on a pure recreational level) that the 2008 ‘WORLD FREAKING SERIES MVP’ COLE FREAKING HAMELS could pitch-in some facsimile of Lee’s performance from game 1 to give your team a change in game 3.  [[aside: has any staff Ace in recent memory been more ready to simply relinquish his status to a trade-deadline pick-up?  I mean, Lee has been outstanding but it’s not like he was being placed above a rotation without a single guy with what baseball people refer to scientifically as “stuff.”  No, Hamels has “stuff,” can throw “stuff” when he wants to, and has deployed his nasty “stuff” to great effect in the past.  In fact, recent past.  Couple Hamel’s lackadaisical decline with Brad Lidge’s apparent attitude of “uh, where’s my Cliff Lee waiting to take my job” and you got yourself a 2-1 hole in the World Series in as many games.]]  But yeah, game 3.  This was the Phillies’ game.  At home, with CC on short rest.  They got on him early.  They came back to tie it like 7 times.  But then Damon and the shift…like the plates separating California from the Pacific floor, I could feel it a hundred plus miles away in Astoria, Queens…the Phillies were torn asunder from their task at hand.  They gave this series away.

3.  See above: the Phillies are toast.



Cliff Lee just updated his Facebook status to: "Baller, son!"

So yeah, that pretty much sums things up.

The Yanks – didn’t know they had it in them, to be honest – broke the Phillies last night.  Broke them like lacquered maple over Bo Jackson’s knee (and Bo knows maple bats).  And it got me to thinking.  There’s a moment in every world championship cycle – not World Series itself, but a championship cycle – where the incumbent is upended by the insurgent.  That moment came to Citizens’ Bank Park last night around 11:30 as Posada took that pitch the other way to ice the game.  Ironically, it was Damon who made it all possible, just as it was Damon who’s Grand Slam in game 7 of the 2004 ALCS killed off the last of the Yankee will to win.  Sure, Schill’s heroic sanitary sock from the night before is in Cooperstown today, but it ought to be sitting next to Damon’s beard from the blow that ended the dynasty.

I say this allowing for one final comment.  The Phil’s are gonna win tonight.  Lee’s got the heart of a champ.  He’s got the burden of an Ace.  He’s rested and he won’t save his squad – no, circle Game 6 at Yankee Stadium for #27 – but he’ll give them one last night of victory before the final bell.







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