LCS – Recaps, part 2

So if you hadn’t guessed, The Venuist has decided that his costume for this Halloween season will be that of a diehard Phillies fan.

But I digress…back to the recaps.

The other Bloods-Crypts grudge match featured the Dodgers and Phillies:


Recall that T*V warned y’all about Philly.  And what I predicted came to pass.  The Phillies mauled – suprised? – an arguably superior club for the second year (the second statement is inarguable, they did it to Manny and Torre twice.  Come to think of it, the Manny-Torre combo could play out like the old Manning-Dungy Colts teams of the yesteryear where they roll through division play and get gored by a superior-see 2001-2005 Patriots – squad).

TTFN – I am going try to do some updates during the game but I might just get bored and watch the Celts (hey, honesty counts for something, right?).

Tomorrow: (and this is win or lose) Top Reasons The Venuist loves the 08-09 Philedelphia Phillies!

PS/BTW- One thing I CANNOT understand is why the New York Papers have been poking fun at the Phillies for three days straight.  Look, I’d take the Phillies at 2-1 odds over the Yanks.  No more.  The Bombers could sweep ’em and four and I would shrug, forget about the joy I’ve experienced being a counterfeit Philly fan for three weeks, and warm up some leftovers with some quality, late-night Oxygen Network programming (only kidding, I don’t have cable).  But the Phillies are THE WORLD CHAMPS.  The reigning WORLD CHAMPS.  One rule of sports is DO NOT poke the bear.  The Yanks have allowed the press to go wild and poke old Ursa Major with a hot iron.  Let’s see how that works out for them.


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