Our coach. Nuthn

Sorry to break the baseball continuity for a little NFL chit chat but CNNSI.com (yeah, that’s still Sports Illustrated’s online domain) has posted a fascinating article on mercurial (and I don’t just mean shifty between the hash marks!) Larry Johnson’s undoing in mighty KC.  Lots of great stuff on the inimitable Priest Holmes and the lost grandeur of the early 00’s KC offensive lines.  In fact, great stuff all around, one of the better football articles I have read online in a while.  TV thinks it’s funny that it should seem remarkable to read something online that seems like it was actually prepared with the refined touch of an actual journalist.  Not that you should start expecting that from these hallowed corridors back here in TV’ s secret Gotham lair.  But dude, seriously, TV’s got a lot on his plate, k?  TTYL.  xoxo

Larry Johnson spy on vegas

Larry Johnson, above, looking like a moron. TV picked this photo out to illustrate a point because Larry Johnson, er, IS A MORON.


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